Policies 2019

Academic Policies

Billing Policies

Academic Integrity

As students and faculty of the University of Chicago, we all belong to an academic community with high scholarly standards of which we are justly proud. Our community also holds certain fundamental ethical principles to which we are equally deeply committed. We believe it is contrary to justice, to academic integrity, and to the spirit of intellectual inquiry to submit the statements or ideas or work of others as one's own. To do so is plagiarism or cheating, offenses punishable under the University's disciplinary system. Because these offenses undercut the distinctive moral and intellectual character of the University, we take them very seriously; punishments for committing them may range up to permanent expulsion from the University of Chicago. The Summer Language Institute, therefore, expects that your work will be your own, and that you will properly acknowledge your use of another's ideas, whether that use is by direct quotation or by paraphrase, however loose. In particular, if you consult any written source and either directly or indirectly use what you find in that source in your own work, you must identify the author, title, and page number. If you have any doubts about what constitutes "use," consult your instructor and visit college.uchicago.edu/advising/academic-integrity-student-conduct

Attendance and Absences

Courses in the Summer Language Institute enable students to make quick gains in their language abilities through a concentrated and intensive learning experience. Especially in language courses, this depends on all students being prepared. Students are expected to dedicate a significant amount of time to work for the courses; on some days, studying and completing assignments may take up most of the hours outside of class.

It is also essential that students attend all class sessions, as each day of class is the equivalent of a week's worth of material during the regular academic year. Students should not plan to attend events that will prevent their attending class.

In cases of necessity or family emergency, our instructors will work with students to help them keep pace and rejoin the class.

  • Most summer intensive language classes carry 300 units of credit, which is the equivalent of one course taken over a full academic year.
  • For transfer purposes, this corresponds to 10 semester hours. Credit transfer policy is set by the institution to which credit will be transferred. Please check with your home institution for policies on accepting transfer credits.
  • Reading for Research courses are shorter in length and carry only 100  units of credit (the equivalent of 3 1/3 semester hours).
  • For more information on the University of Chicago's calculations for awarding credit, please see the University Registrar's website.
Tuition and Billing Dates
  • A $1,000 non-refundable enrollment deposit is due upon acceptance of admission to guarantee the applicant's place in the program. The deposit will be applied to the final tuition bill.
  • For students who will be residing in on-campus housing, a $500 non-refundable housing deposit is also required upon acceptance of on-campus housing. This deposit will be applied to the final housing bill.
  • All payments in advance of the start of the program will be applied toward the total billed amount and will be reflected on the bill generated by the UChicago Bursar's Office.
  • The Bursar will delivery bills electronically to students' accounts in late June, with full payment due in mid-July.
Health Insurance

All students who are enrolled in the Summer Language Institute program will be covered by a "blanket" accident, injury, and sickness insurance policy. The cost for this policy is included in the Tuition and Fees charges listed for each course. This policy will provide cost protection for any health issues that arise beyond the primary and preventive care which is available to students via  Student Health Services.

Students are also required by the State of Illinois to meet immunization requirements and to submit documentation from a health provider as proof of immunity. Details of the immunization requirements are available through the Student Health and Counseling Services website.

Withdrawals and refunds

Any student who wishes to withdraw from the program must do so by 4:00pm CDT on June 26, 2019. Any students who requests to withdraw before that time will forfeit the $1,000 enrollment deposit. The withdrawal fee is charged due to the fact that the space can no longer be offered to another student. No refunds will be issued for withdrawal requests received after the June 26th deadline.
See below for information on housing fees and withdrawals.

Housing charges

Campus housing in the summer is limited and rooms cannot be re-allocated due to changes that occur close to the start of the program. For this reason, housing charges for students who elect to live on-campus during the program cannot be refunded for changes that occur after May 31, 2019. If you apply for and receive confirmation of on-campus housing for Summer 2019, you will be billed for the full amount even if you withdraw from the program or your housing plans change after May 31.