Housing and Dining

There are several housing options available for students coming to Chicago for courses through the Summer Language Institute.

Campus Residence Halls
Students wishing to live on campus may apply for accommodation in campus residence halls during the summer. Summer Language Institute students selecting on-campus housing will live in Campus North Residential Commons and will dine in Bartlett Dining Commons. Campus housing is limited in the summer, so we encourage students to apply early if they would like to pursue this option.

Living on campus provides students with a variety of opportunities to enjoy the nonacademic side of University life, the Hyde Park neighborhood, and the rest of Chicago, including evening and weekend programming designed and run by a team of summer Residential Advisors. All students living in shared rooms will be housed with a student of the same gender. More detailed information about summer housing is available at the following link. Please be sure to view our Policies page for billing information.

Visiting students who are 18 or over may apply to live in campus housing, and may request either a double room or a single room. We also have a limited number of rooms in a shared suite for students in 8-week courses. The suite includes its own bath, as well as a common room. Students living in the residential halls will also have a full meal plan (3 meals/day, 7 days/week) in the dining hall very near to the residential hall, classroom buildings, and library. 

  • Double Room:  $650 per week 
  •  Single Room (if available): $750 per week 

High school students who are 15-17 are required to live in on-campus housing, unless living with a parent or gaurdian. They live with one other roommate and eat their meals in Bartlett Dining Hall, which is situated between Campus North Residential Commons and the main classroom quadrangle. Summer Residential Hall staff provide supervision for High School age students, and also organize evening and weekend activites. Room and board costs for high school students is $700 per week.

International House
The University of Chicago International House has a selective admissions policy that brings together resident members from more than 50 countries each year. Our facility provides a variety of community spaces, fully furnished rooms, laundry, bicycle storage, a 24 hour desk, and utilities. Housing applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the International House Admissions Committee. For more information, visit ihouse.uchicago.edu or contact i-house-housing@uchicago.edu.

Private Apartments
Students who prefer to live off-campus may find that private sublets are a good option. Sublets are often available in the summer, when some University of Chicago students and faculty are away from Chicago. Hyde Park is a vibrant neighborhood, with several easily accessible grocery stores and many restaurants for students to choose from. The best place to find information about currently available sublets is the University of Chicago's online marketplace. Information about summer sublet availability tends to pick up in May of each year. Visiting students unfamiliar with Hyde Park are also welcome to contact us directly for assistance or advice in finding off-campus housing.

High school students are strongly encouraged to live on campus, although students who already reside in Hyde Park or Chicago are of course welcome to commute to campus for class!