Language Pedagogy Seminar

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Language Pedagogy for the Contemporary Classroom (CCTE 50100)

The course offerings and application for Summer 2019 will become available in January 2019.


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Instructor: Catherine Baumann, Director of the University of Chicago Language Center

July 30 - August 9, 2018

Monday - Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

This class will meet in Cobb Hall, room 210

CCTE 50100 is an intensive, two-week course for current graduate students who:

  • will be teaching language as part of their graduate program;
  • are preparing for careers involving language instruction; or
  • would like to add language pedagogy to their skill set as they enter the job market.

Participants will explore theories and methods of contemporary second language instruction and their practical application in today’s classroom environment. The course fulfills one of the requirements for the Second Language Pedagogy College Teaching Certificate, offered in partnership with the Chicago Center for Teaching.

Registration for graduate students will close on July 3rd.

Topics Include:

  • Analysis of methods and approaches
  • Goal-oriented syllabus design and lesson planning
  • Proficiency assessment and test design
  • Backward design to meet goals in all skills
  • Choosing when and how to implement hybrid instruction
  • Pedagogically-driven use of technology
  • Integration of vocabulary and grammar instruction and practice
  • Multi-literacy approaches to reading and listening
  • Process writing at all language levels

Day-by-Day Focus and Activities

Week 1: Current Developments in Language Pedagogy and Analyzing Materials

Monday, July 30

  • See the history of L2 teaching and learning as a continuum
  • Understand how overarching models of learning can inform the L2 classroom
  • Critically analyze methods and their manifestation in textbooks

Tuesday, July 31

  • Review proficiency as a framework (including rating a live oral proficiency interview)

Wednesday, August 1

  • Reverse design: explore how outcomes, assessment, and instruction interact for effective teaching
  • Creating meaningful course syllabi

Thursday, August 2

  • Assessment and washback: trace the skill of writing through reverse design and explore exam design for different purposes

Week 2: Skill Development and Activities In and Outside the Classroom

Monday, August 6

  • Input and output - what is a "communicative activity"?
  • Cooperative learning models in multiple formats

Tuesday, August 7

  • Communicative comprehension activities
  • Learner activities in and outside the classroom

Wednesday, August 8

  • Communicative grammar and vocabulary activities
  • Learner activities in and outside of the classroom

Thursday, August 9

  • The world of Open Educational Resources
  • Teaching with Multimedia