Summer Persian 2018

Summer Intensive Intermediate Persian

Dates Days and Times Credits Tuition and Fees Instructor(s)
June 18-August 3 M-F 9-12, M-Th 1:00-3:00 300 units $7,381 Saeed Ghahremani

This course is designed for students with some previous background in the language, typically a year of elementary Persian at the College-level (at UChicago or another school) and who has speaking proficiency at the Novice High / Intermediate Low level on the ACTFL scale.

At the conclusion of this course, students can expect to continue to develop their abilities in all aspects of the Persian language (speaking, listening, reading and writing) and to begin to access authentic Persian-language materials, such as newspaper articles, short fiction, and film. Students should also improve their speaking proficiency to the Intermediate Mid / High level on the ACTFL scale (or above).

The course will introduce more complex grammatical structures, with focus on contemporary written Persian, but gradually other levels of language (colloquial, literary) are introduced. Texts include selected articles, stories, and poetry, starting with contemporary texts and introducing some classical examples towards the end of the course.

All students enrolled in Summer Intensive Intermediate Persian will conclude the program by participating in an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview. Each student will then receive an independent, certified rating that documents the student's speaking ability.

This course provides 156 contact hours and participants may be eligible to receive a FLAS grant from their home institution or from UChicago to support their study. The SLI accepts the FLAS award as full tuition for summer Persian.