Summer Korean 2019

Summer Intensive Introductory Korean

Dates Days and Times Credits Tuition and Fees Instructor(s)
June 24 - August 16 M-F 9-11:30, 1:00-2:30 300 units $7,600 (estimate) STAFF

This 8-week course will provide beginners with a solid basic foundation in modern Korean. In particular, this course offers a balanced emphasis on oral communication practice, listening and reading comprehension, and also develops students' writing abilities and familiarity with formal speech situations. Students will thus gain the skills for interpersonal interactions and interpretation, as well as for delivering presentations. The course will meet for 3 to 4 hours in the mornings, and students are expected to spend several hours preparing for class in the afternoons and evenings. Korean culture will also be incorporated into the course by working with contemporary Korean media, among other material. The curriculum for Intensive Introductory Korean is the equivalent of the KORE 10100-10200-10300 sequence during the regular academic year at the University of Chicago.

This course provides 140 contact hours and participants may be eligible to receive a FLAS grant from their home institution or from UChicago to support their study. FLAS Applicants for beginning levels of language study must receive approval for an exception from the Department of Education. Applicants interested in a FLAS fellowship for Summer Intensive Elementary Japanese or Korean must make contact with Abbey Newman, Associate Director of the Center for East Asian Studies (, or the appropriate contact at their home institution, prior to the FLAS Application deadline, to discuss this.