Summer Ancient Greek 2019

The Summer Language Institute is offering two levels of Ancient Greek in summer 2019:

Summer Intensive Introductory Ancient Greek

Dates Days and Times Credits Tuition and Fees Instructor(s)
June 24-August 16 M-F 9am-12pm, 1-3pm 300 units $7,600 (estimate)  STAFF

Summer Introductory Ancient Greek comprises a thorough introduction to the Classical Greek language in eight weeks, using the Joint Association of Classic Teachers' Reading Greek (2nd ed.). In daily classes, students learn new grammatical concepts and morphology, practice reading and translating increasingly complex Greek texts, and complete exercises in Greek to gain an active command of the language. In the latter half of the course, students will also read unadapted Greek from classical prose authors, including Plato and Xenophon. By the end of the 8 weeks, students will be thoroughly familiar with Classical Greek idiom and sentence structure, and will be able to proceed to reading courses in the language.

Summer Introductory Ancient Greek is an intensive course that requires a full-time commitment on the part of the student, meeting approximately 5 hours per day and demanding independent review and memorization in the evenings.

Note: Since grammar and vocabulary will be introduced starting on the first day of class, students should be able to read and write the letters of the Greek alphabet before beginning the course.

Summer Intensive Intermediate Ancient Greek

Dates Days and Times Credits Tuition and Fees Instructor(s)
June 24-August 2 M-F 9-11, 1-3 300 units $7,600 (estimate)  STAFF

Summer Intensive Intermediate Greek combines extensive reading of texts with a comprehensive review of Classical grammar and syntax; it prepares students for advanced courses in Greek and for the use of Greek texts in their research. Texts studied are taken from a variety of representative and important Classical authors, and typically include Plato and Herodotus, Demosthenes or Thucydides. The backbone of the review sessions is Mastronarde’s Introduction to Ancient Greek combined with sight reading skill practice. The program meets during both mornings and afternoons for approximately five hours a day. Students are responsible for considerable amounts of class preparation in the evenings, requiring a full-time commitment for the duration of the course. This course equips students to continue with advanced coursework or independent reading in Ancient Greek in all its varieties. Summer Intermediate Greek corresponds to a full year's worth of instruction at the University of Chicago.

Students who wish to take Intensive Summer Intermediate Greek must have completed a textbook like that of Mastronarde or Reading Greek prior to taking the course; preferably they should have some experience beyond that in reading original texts.