Summer German 2018

The Summer Language Institute is offering two German course options in summer 2018:

Summer Intensive Introductory German

Dates Days and Times Credits Tuition and Fees Instructor(s)
June 18-August 2 M-Th 9-12
M-Th 1:30-3
300 units $7,381 Anna Pajak, Jeffrey Turco

Summer Introductory German is a 7-week course designed for students wishing to develop intermediate proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking for use in everyday communication. Students will work with authentic materials as well as gain familiarity with the different cultures of the German-speaking countries. The course meets Monday through Thursday for three hours per day, with additional 90-minute meeting times in the afternoon. Summer Introductory German is the equivalent of the 10100-10200-10300 sequence offered during the regular academic year at the University of Chicago and satisfies the university competency requirement.

All students enrolled in Summer Intensive Introductory German will conclude the program by participating in an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview. Each student will then receive an independent, certified rating that documents the student's speaking ability.

Reading German for Research Purposes

Dates Days and Times Credits Tuition and Fees Instructor(s)
June 19-July 26 T & Th, 12-3 100 units $3,916 Frederic Kopp

Reading German for Research Purposes is a six-week course which prepares students to read and do research using scholarly texts in German. Students will gain a fundamental knowledge of German grammar and a basic vocabulary while developing reading comprehension skills and working intensively with scholarly texts in their areas of academic specialty. Some previous experience with German is highly recommended, but not required. Reading German for Research Purposes requires extensive preparation outside of class time. This course will culminate in UChicago's Academic Reading Comprehension Assessment in German.

NOTE: This course may fulfill the graduate language requirement in some departments. Please check with your department administrator or Director of Graduate Studies for information on your department's requirements. If you are interested in this course specifically to prepare for a German exam at a school other than the University of Chicago, please contact to inquire whether this course will meet your needs. Reading German for Research Purposes is open to graduate students, professionals, and advanced undergraduates.