Summer Chinese 2018

Summer Intensive Introductory Chinese

Dates Days and Times Credits Tuition and Fees Instructor(s)
June 18-August 10 M-F 9-12, 1-3 300 units $7,381 Yi Lu Kuo, Meng Li, Shan Xiang

Summer Introductory Chinese is an 8-week course that introduces the fundamentals of Modern Chinese (Mandarin). Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are equally emphasized, along with accurate pronunciation. Class will meet for five three-hour periods a week, with additional speaking practice during the afternoon. This intensive summer Chinese course requires students to spend several additional hours per day preparing for class through drill sessions, independent study, and other activities.

All students enrolled in summer Chinese will conclude the program by participating in an ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview. Each student will then receive an independent, certified rating that documents the student's speaking ability.

This course provides 195 contact hours and participants may be eligible to receive a FLAS grant from their home institution or from UChicago to support their study. The SLI accepts the FLAS award as full tuition for summer Chinese.