Students in the College

Students in the College


UChicago College students should NOT submit an application through the SLI admissions system.

Students in the College should consult with their Advisers in the College Advising office about their plans to enroll in the Summer Language Institute. Registration for students in the College occurs through In order to register, students should:

  1. log in to their account at
  2. select the Academics tab at the top
  3. hover over Classes and Registration, and
  4. select Summer Activation Request
  5. After requesting Summer Activation, students may register as they usually would in

After April 13, 2018, students should contact the Summer Language Institute for consent to register. We encourage students to register early to ensure that spots are available.

Financial Aid Information

Students in the College enrolling in Summer Language Institute courses may eligible for financial aid funds provided specifically for summer study. For questions about financial aid options beyond this amount, students should contact The Office of Financial Aid.

Dropping or Withdrawing

Please note that the drop and withdrawal policy that applies to students in the College registering for Summer Language Institute courses:

All students must file official withdrawal requests with the Summer Language Institute via email if they decide not to attend. Verbally informing an instructor that you are withdrawing or failing to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal. Students are still responsible for tuition and all other charges if they have not officially withdrawn. Approval of any withdrawal, including the date on which the withdrawal takes effect, must be certified by the Summer Language Institute.

Students dropping a Summer Language Institute Course are eligible for a 100% tuition refund through the second day of a class. For courses dropped after the second day of class, refund amounts will decrease according to the schedule below. Please note: all days refer to the class meeting days and not calendar days. For example, the 2nd day of class for a class that meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays would be the Wednesday of the first week. Drop requests must be submitted by the end of business on the day the student wishes to drop: e.g., a student wishing to drop and receive a 100% tuition refund must submit the drop request no later than 5pm CDT on the second day of class.

Students in the College requesting drops by email to the Summer Language Institute before 5pm on the following days of a course will receive tuition refunds in the amounts below:

  • 2nd day-100% refund
  • 4th day-65% refund
  • 5th day-50% refund
  • 8th day-30% refund
  • 9th day and after-no refund, “W” appears on transcript